Saturday, 24 January 2009

British Jobs Handed To The EU

Hot on the news that thousands of British jobs have been handed to EU nationals in terms of the European Union’s ‘free movement’ laws, comes the revelation that the number of work permits granted to non-EU nationals to work in this country is at an all-time high.
More than 151,000 foreigners from outside the EU were handed permission to work, four times the level when Labour took power in 1997.
Over the same period, unemployment increased by 290,000, proving Gordon Brown to be an outright liar with his “British jobs for British workers” pledge.
Sir Andrew Green, chairman of Migration watch, said: “We can see the impact of the Government’s deliberate policy of increasing the flow of economic migrants from outside the European Union, now four times the level of 1997.

The ethnic cleansing of the indigenous British people has just upped a gear despite the massive down turn in the economic climate and massive job losses currently happening on a daily basis, the Government has just handed more jobs to non indigenous people of this country and opened the gates once again to more immigrants.

Already this week we have seen the arrival of the floating hotel in Grimsby, making way for the Portuguese and Italian workers jumping on British workers jobs who are being laid off by Total oil Refinery.

Wake up Britain, its our future and the future of our children that are now in a dire situation. 

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