Friday, 23 January 2009

Why I Defected From The Conservatives

In the light of the very near miss by the BNP at the Bexley (East Wickham) elections where by the votes came out thus;

Tory 798
BNP 790
Labout 700

I felt oblidged to reason and explain as to why from now on, I myself will be voting bnp. Here's what I stated on the

Maybe next time, when the elections come round, the Conservative voters would of found out that the difference between Labour & the Conservatives is nil. I think many have already woke up to the fact, hence the massive rise in BNP votes.

You both share the destruction of this country via making the indigenous 2nd class citizens.

I know for definite I'll be avoiding the LibLabCon alliance at the big elections in Europe and the General Election when it comes round. As a life long Tory, I've seen through the media hype and have come to the realisation that Labour and Conservatives share the same 'values' and hate for this country.

A very disappointed Ex-Tory voter.

Now the results above show that the BNP only lost out by 8 votes. It seems 128 votes we're wasted on the English Democrats Party (EDP).  The EDP has been developed and funded as a smoke screen, mainly to hijack would be BNP voters. The EDP is really part of the LibLabCon alliance to cause further splits between Britain, mainly the English, Welsh & Scottish. The trouble is, the EDP has been sussed.

What ever the anti-British alliance has tried to pull off, they are alianating themselves much further from the public. Instead of concentrating in their own policies and listening to the population, they draw their plans against the BNP and pour our bile and hate during the process. Ignorance is one of the biggest problems when dealing with these left wing, marxist nazi's. Their true anti semetic feelings have been drawn out and their hate for freedom of speech is most obvious.

I'm voting for the party behind Britain, I'm voting for a party that has the indigenous in mind. I'm avoiding the party politics of those who are diminishing our rights and throwing away our country to foriegn invaders.