Sunday, 25 January 2009

Their Day Will Soon Come!

Pictured above are the main politicians that are involved in today's cull of Great Britain. There are many more and we will be exposing these traitorous menaces in due course. For now, let's look at today's neo Marxist left wing instigators of the mess this country is in today. These are the people who have and still are instrument in drawing up laws and legislation against the indigenous of this country. These are the people who hate everything about Britain, it is culture and history but most of all it's people. The true English, Scots & Welsh are always going to be a danger to the Nu labour plan.

Nu Labour is anti white, anti British and has isolated and distanced the white working classes of this country, now they are starting on the middle classes to...

So, let's look at Labour's achievements since 1997:

  • The country has been flooded with immigrants, they say it's good for our economy, we've since seen a much different picture
  • British workers have been and are being replaced by cheap foreign labour
  • Labour has broke the economy of this country blaming world economics when not many countries are in the same state we are in.
  • Brown sells of our Gold reserves to Europe at a literal 'buy one, get one free basis'
  • Labour is out to criminalise the general public introducing 3,605 new laws since May 1997. People have lost their liberty in new 'control freak laws' ranging from over-loading your bin through to pathetic litter laws. They include 1,238 brought in as primary legislation, which means they were debated in Parliament, and 2,367 by secondary legislation, such as orders in council and statutory document.
  • Labour has created George Orwell's 1984 dream with CCTV cameras numbering  1 for every 14 people.
  • Entered us in to two Illegal wars
  • Stirring up anti-semitic hate via support of hamas with millions of pounds of funding
  • Despite the pure lies, crime has soared as has Murder & Rape under Blair's pathetic 'Tough on Crime' sound bites
  • Brain drain as hundreds of thousands professional indigenous Brits flock to leave the sinking ship, Britain.
  • The forced islamification of the UK.
  • The steep decline in Education
  • Overcrowding, inadequate housing, poor NHS service, roads congested  - Just far too many people for a small Island
  • Signed away our constitutions to Europe,  in secret too!
The list goes on and on. labour is the worse and the most corrupt Government we have ever had. Remember who the real criminals are, these are the people who sit in the Labour Cabinet, these should be forced to pay for their crimes against this country and it's indigenous people. Never forget what they have done.

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  1. Great Post! Good long list and thst's only a fraction, the damage created on a daily basis as a result of the above, is beyond comprehension.