Saturday, 24 January 2009

Islam UK - Britain's Ethnic Cleansing Programme

A recent survey by the Equalities & Human rights commission has revealed that Muslims do not want to become British and would rather isolate themselves in their own communities with 67% agreeing with the notion that Muslim's are not happy for their child to mix or marry someone of a different religion with 44% saying they'd rather develop in separate lines.

This can be confirmed by the number of no go areas constructed up and down the country by Muslims which are no go areas to non-Muslims. What with the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) and the Muslim Parliament of Britain (MPB) it seems Muslims are being discouraged to engage with mainstream politics and prevail with their own pseudo state with in the UK.

Since 1990, the number of mosques has flourished from around 400 to 1,689 today. With faith schools such as the Church of England and Catholic Schools now being forced to take Muslims, it seem there is no end or no limit to the growth of Islam in this country. Current Government ministers are bending over backwards to facilitate Islam and demonise those who disagree with the vast expansion of this cult throughout our land. Distinguishing Islam between a religion and a race is very difficult. Most Muslims consider themselves Islamic when asked about their roots.

This is not a problem just attributed to the UK, rapid growth of Islam throughout Europe has got many Christian groups and members of Governments concerned. The very nature of Islam is not to integrate, it's fundamental reasoning by the very words of the Koran dictate it is a Muslims duty to convert and take over non-Muslim lands. The Koran also dictates that multiplying in numbers in a non-Muslim land is encouraged to infiltrate from within, a trend we can see here in the UK very clearly. But what is the agenda for those in power who do everything they can to assist Islam in its growth and to stamp on anyone who speaks out against Islam?

The EU and the UK Government are described as dhimmi (Servants, Submissive) to Islam and bring in more empowerment and enrichment to Islam via the back door, engaging in mainstream politics is a no no as retribution from voters would endanger the plan to allow and encourage rapid Islamic growth. The process of encouraging the growth of Islam in the UK and Europe is known as the 'Islamification' process.

Since 911, we have seen Muslims in the UK make a stance and provoke by dressing in their traditional dress such as the veil or burkur, as statement or show of strength and it is no doubt that since 911 and the invasion of Iraq, Muslims throughout Europe and the UK make it known that their overall support for Islamic Extremism, Bin Laden and the terrorist act of 911 is overwhelming.

We are told that 'moderate Islam' is a majority but what exactly is 'moderate Islam'? It seems it doesn't exist and that moderate simply means that a moderate Muslim will keep their thoughts to themselves but would never condemn extremists or acts of extremists. The two Muslim Doctors involved in the Glasgow Airport bombing we're described by colleagues as moderate. As with the IRA during the troubles of the 70's & 80's, IRA 'Sleepers' we're rife up and down the country. The 'sleepers' carried out normal family lives and worked for years never expressing their loyalties to anyone. IRA sleepers would be planning their attacks in complete secret and would wait for the calling to commit atrocities across the country. The same could be said for Muslims, whilst their extremist arm is creating a diversion by rallying on any Muslim related issue, the moderates will be conspiring and planning the big attack from within. The moderates are responsible for raising the funds and planning things like the Glasgow Airport attack and the July 7th Suicide Bombers.

It is clear that this Government is dhimmi to Islamic Extremism as convicted Islamic Terrorists are now able to reap the rewards of claiming benefits and housing in this country, this is fundamentally due to the Labour Party introducing the Human Rights Act in 2000. Effectively, this Government is funding extremists! London is well known throughout the world to be the fund raising capitol of extreme Islam. 

The very nature of this subject being a taboo one is exactly what this Government wants. The media have been silenced in to reporting such things as this Government will come down hard on any opposers or anyone questioning their plans with regards to Islam, Extremists and the Muslim growth in this country. The Government has made Muslims to be the victims of 'victimhood' thus so strengthening the grip Islam's hold has over this country.

There is no doubt that we are seeing the ethnic cleansing of our very own existence as real British nationals, our culture, our identity and our history is being destroyed right before our eyes.  The dmimmi white left wing do gooders of this country hate anything British and the white population that disgusts them so much. The hate from this Government is clear, they are doing all they can to fulfill their dreams of a multicultural society headed up and fronted by Islam.

Perhaps our masters might one day be asking, what have we done?