Saturday, 17 January 2009

Ignorance Is Bliss (Part 1)

Greed has been the root cause of where we all are today, credit on tap, buying houses up to 5 or 6 times your salary, the two cars, flat screen TV in near all rooms so you can catch up on the latest Celebrity Pap, Big Brother or East Enders. The indigenous of this population has been lead in to a sleep walk, easy credit, mind numbing TV and meanwhile, this Government has been drafting and implementing new laws in their droves, flooding this country with immigrants from ALL nations and allowing a most extreme cult infiltrate our most sensitive departments in Government and our Security Services such as MI5, MI6 and the so called 'Border Agency'.

This country is in denial, mainly due to the fact that people have been conditioned in to thinking that if they have an opinion on the amount of immigration in to this country that they are racist. People have been dumbed down in to staying quiet or having to 'put up and shut up'. Up until now, most people would adopt the 'well I'm alright' attitude, so as long as the huge mortgage, credit card and store card loans are paid off, everything is OK in their world. Seeing the two cars on the driveway and the widest / biggest FSTV mounted to the wall was their measure of security. That's all changing now isn't it.

If you scan the Internet, look at news forums on the BBC, Sky and newspapers, you'll find more and more people starting to panic and speak out. Suddenly their little world is collapsing and people are now having to think about will the wife's car having to go or the 4.0L 4x4 might have to be traded in for something more economical, the house might have to be downsized or, they just can't afford the mortgage. On top of this, these high paying jobs are now at risk. Job security from the shop floor to the board room is now as reliable as winning the National Lottery.

It's harsh and many reading this feeling some sort of familiarity or resemblance will still be in denial. The bad news is, this is nothing yet. As we drift in to an economical nightmare, the darker side of what is happening here in the real world might just start to dawn on those who have spent the last 10 years drifting in to Nu Labour's little hypnotic lie. As many start to think about saving their finances, homes, jobs and cars the real bad news is yet to come as over the last 10 to 11 years, the foundations have already been laid for the indigenous, we the indigenous are already the 3rd class citizen, it's been cleverly and stealthily implemented. Whilst all the time people we're watching sorry pap DIY TV and taking out second mortgages for their DIY Projects, this Government have had a field day gradually throwing away our rights and wiping out our history in place for much bigger things. Whilst people have been lead in to a nation of B&Q addicts and try to make an extra £1000 on the sale of the house (Climbing the property ladder) this Government has ensured whatever you do, you won't win, they'll be the winners. HIPPS is one example of how you'll never win.

So, he we are, they'll still be many thinking 'It's not affecting me yet, so what'. Ah, yes, you might feel the comfort right now but Stage 2 is just about being implemented. Common Purpose is responsible for the re-educating of leaders and heads of industry. It's pleasant web site, policies and goals have a much more underlying plan to diminish the classes in the countries it is trying to implement. Nu Labour have grabbed this by the horns and have already started to attack the middle classes, a very dangerous and bold move considering it will eventually be the middle classes that will cause a revolt. In Labour's view, the indigenous of this country are already 3rd class citizens and they fall over backwards to welcome and provide all the tools the immigrants to this country need. Labour's real obsession is with Islam, Tony Blair proved this the minute he came to power by recognising the Muslim Parliament of Britain.

Stage 2 of the plan is via the Common Purpose regime and that's how we can see already we are being ruled by the European Union by non elected persons. Our own powers have been signed away by Gordon Brown, Blair did not even have the bottle to do this himself so yes, Brown has left a big legacy already but the impact of what he has done has not yet been felt. Attacks on our royal family will increase whilst the middle classes will be demonised, again, we can see the initial stages of this already happening, just pick up any news paper.

Timing has been imperitive to Liebour's plans, the economic slow down and the recession are paving the way for the EU to step in and act as if it's some sort of Super Hero and lift us out of financial disaster.  My pesimistic views are not so unbelievable considering the recent events with bank bail outs and the figures involved. Not so long ago in the closing half of last year, Brown made 37 Billion pounds available to bail out the mistakes the banking sector had made, a few months later Brown announces he will inject a further 200 Billion pounds because he believed the banks we're not so honest when they first made known the level of 'Toxic Debt'. Hmmmm, so, the banking sector can try to sweep the truth under the carpet and get rewarded for doing so. I'll try that one when I try to get out of an overdraft payment.

What with an economic disaster on the horizon, much worse than this country has ever witnessed, mass immigration to the point our social welfare, medical services, housing and education systems are at bursting point, the UK has become a boiling pot reaching dangerous levels. People will be feeling much more vulnerable during times of financial crisis, people start to see the bigger picture. All of a sudden, the comfort zone starts to disappear and people start to question what has / is going wrong.

Right now we are seeing an up rising amongst our muslim guests, the war in Gaza has inflammed the islamic communities to the point where by so called muslim moderates are starting to speak out against the british in public. Today (Sunday 18th January 2009) we hear the Muslim Civil Servant Society treasuere Azad Ali say that the killing of British Soldiers in Iraq is justified. He calls on Islamic Terrorists and Extremist 'to make it their duty to kill British & American soldiers'. So, what's the media's responce? Not much, now think about what would happen if a white English civil servant was to publicly do a like minded thing? His feet wouldn't touch the ground.

The recent unreported riots through out our cities calling for the destruction of Israel was not challenged by our police services at all. The muslims shouted and cursed at our police whilst throwing metal barriers at them. 

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