Friday, 23 January 2009

"SOS, SOS, SOS, We Are Sinking, May Day, May Day"

Yep, it seems after all the hype of the media's 'Credit Crunch' campaign, we have finally officially hit a recession. It seems, the worse since 1980 and guess what, it's going to get much worse. The downturn has been hailed as the sharpest ever. I wonder what 'raft of measures' Gordon Brown will come up with now? I dread to think about it. Surely now the most honourable thing Brown and his gang could do is resign? But we are not dealing with people with any honour at all are we, what's happened in this country is no accident, Brown's Marxist crew have been busy dismantling the UK piece by piece and we are seeing the final stages of the plan. Brown is intent in letting in hundreds and thousands of more immigrants to take British workers jobs. The recent announcement of the job losses at the Total refinery in the north east is enough to prove the Labour agenda. Total are shipping in Portuguese and Italian workers to replace British workers. Even a floating hotel has arrived to house them all.

Myself, a long term Tory supporter has turned. For the last two years I've been watching the BNP and studying their policies and watching their proactive campaigns. I've shrugged off the media hysteria of labelling the BNP 'Racist Thugs', this is just a left wing label full of ignorance. 

Amongst all the doom and gloom, amongst having to watch this country self destruct there is a glimmer of hope, it's the BNP, they are the only party looking after the interests of the indigenous of this country whilst the LibLabCon parties fall over backwards for the ethnic and immigrant votes. I've seen through all the media hype and paranoia. To save this country we only have this one chance. I'm voting for the BNP!

Abandon the sinking ship's HMS Labour & HMS Conservative, they've been dealt a huge blow to both their ships and the alliance is in trouble, big trouble. 

Who's side are you on?



  1. Hello.

    I do a webcast called
    It's aimed at younger people, It takes place on Sunday nights from 8-10pm. If you fancy coming on to tell the listeners about the BNP, then please email if you're interested. Cheers, Peter Chapman.

  2. Hi Peter,

    This blog is a BNP support site and not affiliated or directly connected to the BNP. The opinions are mostly of my own so I don't think I could fairly or have any authority on BNP policy. I am happy to speak on your radio show with regards to my blog and my support of the BNP. I hope you understand that I can not and will not speak on behalf of the BNP on an official basis.