Saturday, 24 January 2009

Common Purpose Replaces Common Sense Part 1

I've done quite a lot of reading up and enquiring about the 'Common Purpose' thing we keep all hearing about and it's been quite an eye opener. The likes of Hazel Blears just can't get enough of 
this so called 'Charity'. It seems so too for the Police, prison Service, Banking Sector, Local Authorities and Government, Schools etc and the list goes on and on and on.

So is it true that Common Sense has really been overtaken by Common Purpose? The pure fact that I have researched this 'Charity' has probably landed me up in all sort of trouble, but hey, that's why I'm here. To expose these 'think tank', style charities for what they are.

On the surface, the Common Purpose Charity seems the legit type of organisation with its nice clean fresh web site draped in the Green & Purple colours which I'm sure they paid a fortune to have 'phsycologically' vetted. For example Purple represents Royalty, Green and purple can be a striking combination in deep or bright jewel tones or use lighter shades for a cheerful, springlike feel, a bit like a new dawn, spring represents what's new or a new birth - Hey, I could get a job at this!

Then we get to the nitty gritty, reading up on their fluffy policies and exceptional 'training courses' the real deal does start to shine through. Despite the 'Graduate' Leadership Training and Networking Courses, this organisation is a Political Brainwashing tool, how the hell it got classed as a charity makes the mind boggle. It's nothing more than an EU corrupt aligning tool getting big money from Goverments, Authorities and Corporate Businesses. Look at their job vacancy page on the web site and it openly states, "we are here to change the world" - statements like that seem to originate from Austin Power's Doctor Evil. However much this statement sounds irrelevant or innocent, it soon comes apparent as to why there are reasons as to why they should use such a phrase for a 'charity'.

Common Purpose selects individuals and ‘trains’ them to learn how society works, who 'pulls the levers of power' and how Common Purpose ‘graduates’ can use this knowledge to lead 'Outside Authority’.  Children, teenagers and adults have their prejudices removed. Graduates are ‘empowered’ to become ‘Leaders’ and work in ‘partnership’ with other Common Purpose graduates. Common Purpose claims to have trained some 30,000 adult graduates in UK and changed the lives of some 80,000 people, including schoolchildren and young people.

But evidence shows that Common Purpose is rather more than a Charity ‘empowering' people and communities’. In fact, CP is an elitest pro-EU political organisation helping to replace democracy in UK, and worldwide, with CP chosen ‘elite’ leaders. In truth, their hidden networks and political objectives are undermining and destroying our democratic society and are threatening ‘free will’ in adults, teenagers and children. Their work is funded by public money and big business, including international banks.

One big question is, how can a Political organisation declare itself as a Charity? How has the Charity Commission pushed this one through? We'll have to wait and see if I get any straight answers, if, an answer at all.

To be continued.....