Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Equality? Diverse? RACIST!!!!!

What a farce, what an absolute anti-white campaign Manchester City Council headed up when in all their wisdom they hosted an 'Ethnic Jobs fair', what is Equal or Diverse about that? in fact, it ticks everybox that qualifies for a racist crime. If these city & local councils are so diverse and equal, why do they have to have policies just for the ethnics. Why do they even have to advertise the fact because if they we're really Diverse & Equal, then there would be no need for an exclusive Ethnic Jobs Fair wouldn't there. 

I urge anyone seeing these Ethnic jobs Fair advertised to please report it here and then report it to Police as a race crime, after all, that's what it is.

Here is a selection of Racist organisations looking after their own:

African, Caribbean Finance Forum

Black and Asian Graduates

Black Solicitors Network

Centre for Research in Ethnic Relations

Equality and Human Rights Commission


The Runnymede Trust

Race for Opportunity

Sponsors for Educational Opportunity London (SEO London)

The Windsor Fellowship

I hope to expand this list to advertsie these organsiations hypocritical campaigns.


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