Monday, 26 January 2009

Support Hamas Terrorists Now - ITV, Channel 4 & Channel 5 Campaign

The BBC is under pressure from the Government to support the Gaza 'Emergency Appeal' along with ITV, Channel 4 & Channel 5 who have decided to show the appeals. Sky TV are still undecided whether to screen the appeals.

Shockingly, the BBC are standing firm, but how long will that last whilst their Government masters are applying pressure to reverse the decision. The BBC, a public service broadcaster should remain impartial in it's views and how it portrays it's stories. Quite rightly the BBC has turned the appeal down. I, however, am very sceptical and critical of the BBC at the best of times and see through the daily dose of biased reporting on the BBC news channel.

Although this appeal is to be in association with the Red Cross and Oxfam and many other aid agencies, where will this money end up? Most probably in the hands of the illegal Hamas Governing Terrorist Group. People argue that not all Palestinians support Hamas, the fact is, it is the people who put the terrorists in to power, therefore, any support and funding, would be as  crass as giving the money directly to hamas. Gordon brown has already donated £20 million of British tax payers money to the Hamas cause, the Arabs so far have donated over £2 billion.

Britain is clearly becoming more and more anti Semitic, sounding alarm bells from the 1930's just before the Nazi's whipped up hate for the Jews. The anti Jewish sentiment is both deafening and sickening. Watching the traitorous George Galloway protesting outside the BBC with his Muslim style beard and cigar, sniggering at the angry protest he has aided was gut wrenching and sickening.

Looking like a Islamic Extremist and certainly trying to carry off the image, George Galloway is the epitome of the hero's he worships such as Saddam Hussain, Bin Laden and most corrupt leaders that rule by fear and murderous regimes.

Giving money over to this 
appeal will be funding the future of Hamas which is why I will be immediately turning off any campaign in aid of Gaza and the people who support Islamic Terrorism. 

Where are the appeals for the injured soldiers we have sent to Iraq and Afghanistan, fighting the very cause that Hamas stands for? Anyone giving money to the Gaza / Hamas appeal should immediately have their head tested.

Most shockingly, the BBC has seen sense. The BBC, normally dhimmi to Islamic uprising, knows that it will defy the license fee payer and the majority of the indigenous population. Still, there's plenty of time for the Government to intervene and have their way, despite the BBc warning the Goverment to "keep their tanks off their lawn" - Tough talk, let's see.

From Reuters:

The government urged the BBC on Saturday to drop its refusal to broadcast a humanitarian appeal for victims of the war in Gaza.

The BBC said the appeal by the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC), a coalition of 13 aid agencies, would compromise the impartiality of its coverage.

"The most important thing we can do for the people who are suffering is carrying on reporting it and we've done exemplary work in reporting the suffering of the people of Gaza," Chief Operating Officer Caroline Thomson said.

"If we lose the trust of the audience by support one side rather than another, then we will have lost it for the charities themselves as well as everyone else."

Broadcasters ITV and Channel 4 said they would show it, but satellite broadcaster Sky said it had yet to reach a formal decision.

But most attention focussed on the stance of the BBC, which as the national public broadcaster is funded by a licence fee paid by owners of TV sets.

International Development Secretary Douglas Alexander said the British public could distinguish between support for humanitarian aid and perceived partiality in a conflict.

"I really struggle to see in the face of the immense human suffering of people in Gaza at the moment that this is in any way a credible argument," he said.

The BBC has argued that aid access to Gaza is in any case restricted, but Alexander said supplies and personnel had managed to get through on Friday.

Sorry Mr. Government, Charity now begins at home, you've sold us off to Mr. Foreigner and we are all broke. You've broke our country and have all ready donated £20 million of our money. If people are really concerned for Hamas and the Palestinian Hamas supporters, maybe they should do us all a favour and go there to help out and live there preferably.

Meanwhile our serviceman suffer:

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