Monday, 19 January 2009

Roll Up, Roll Up For The Bank Bail Out Part 2

200 Billion aye? Isn't it great to know that we the tax payers are bailing out these bankers who gambled with OUR money as if playing roulette in a dodgy illegal Turkish Casino. Now, supposing I was to built up thousands, if not millions pounds worth of debts through gambling, I would b held personally responsible. So, why is it then this Government are not holding those responsible for this mess we find ourselves in? If Brooon is so mad because he feels the banking sector have been liberal with the truth, then surely accountability should be answered by those who have gambled off our money in dodgy schemes and deals.

So we have the prospect of each and everyone of us going from £5000 in debt to £30,000 in debt in one fail swoop. This Government is paving a minefield for the next Government who replaces them, let's face it, Labour has had it's day, it's an injured dog lashing out in every direction. This government is psychotic and the sonner they collapse, the better. After all, when the Labour Party itself is bankrupt, how can they be entrusted with our countries financial matters? 

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